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John Batchelor Show

18 Jan

Had the pleasure of appearing on the John Batchelor radio show, broadcast every evening to a network of nationwide affiliates. Co-host of this segment was the indefatigable Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents. We had a rousing time and I look forward to taking up  John on his offer to be back on the show next month.

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Hispanic Journalists in Jerusalem

18 Jan

Had an incredible evening in Jerusalem with a group of America’s leading Hispanic journalists, including Ruben Navarette, commentator for CNN, USA Today, NPR, and nationally syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group; Ruben Keoseyan, Executive Editor of La Opinion in Los Angeles, the largest Spanish newspaper in the U.S. with a circulation higher than most major American dailies; and other print and broadcast journalists.

We talked about the roots of media bias in the Israeli-Arab conflict, and about how Israel’s unique immigrant-based culture provides lessons for the American-Hispanic community, which now numbers 50 million (comprising, for example, one-third the population of Texas and California) and accounting for 25% of Americans under age 10.

The group was visiting as part of the “American Voices in Israel” program.

Now in pre-release!

1 Jan

For decades, the Israeli-Arab conflict was waged on the battlefield with guns and tanks. But today – with satellite phones, the Internet, and a 24-hour news cycle – the real war is being fought in the court of public opinion.

David & Goliath is a gripping first-person narrative chronicling the “frontline” experiences of Shraga Simmons, a foremost expert on media bias and founding editor of HonestReporting. With comprehensive research and a biting edge, David & Goliath is packed with dramatic accounts of going toe-to-toe with reporters to expose media bias in the Mideast conflict.

Eleven years in the making, David & Goliath takes readers behind the scenes to witness the groundbreaking long-term study of CNN, which statistically proved a pattern of bias and shook the media world. Readers are privy to the secret negotiations with network executives, and how a grassroots campaign was cited by the New York Times as affecting sweeping changes in Mideast media coverage.

With current interest in the peace process riding high, and the media consistently focused on Israel, David & Goliath is a timely book that reveals how media misrepresentation may actually foment violence and hinder the possibility of a peaceful settlement.

David & Goliath reveals the truth behind the news business, showing how the drive for ratings and profits favors an “underdog” narrative that keeps viewers tuned into the story. While the media casts the Palestinians as “David” fighting the powerful Israeli “Goliath,” this book suggests that Israel may in fact be fighting a more powerful antagonist – the Media Goliath.