BBC: No Rockets from Gaza

14 Mar

I just heard this BBC interview with Dr. Mona El-Farra, vice president of the Red Crescent in Gaza. The world’s largest broadcast corporation gave her a forum to spout the bald-faced lie that there have been no recent rocket attacks from Gaza:

“Let me tell you that for the last four months there were no rockets against Israel and Palestinians respected the cease-fire.”

Listen  here (fast forward to 3:00)

For truth-seekers, here’s the lowdown on rockets fired toward Israel from Gaza over the last four months:

• December 2011 – 42 rockets
• January 2012 – 18 rockets
• February 2012 – 30 rockets
• March 2012 – 200 rockets

The BBC are masters at aiding this duplicitous Palestinian cover-up game. A few years back, when Israeli soldiers searched Palestinian homes and found disturbing photos of children wielding machine guns and babies strapped with explosive belts, BBC quoted Palestinian spokesliar Yasser Abed Rabbo dismissing it as “cheap Israeli propaganda.” In a later interview, BBC put this loaded question to an Israeli spokesman: “The Mossad has the most amazing forgery capabilities in the world. Why should we believe this is real?”

It also reminds me of the time that Palestinians claimed the Israeli Mossad had set up a fake al-Qaeda cell in Gaza. Israeli spokesmen dismissed it as sheer nonsense, but BBC’s headline trumpeted the Palestinian accusation as if it were undisputed fact: “Israel ‘Faked al-Qaeda Presence.'”

Which raises a serious question: If Palestinians repeatedly use the media to promote outright lies, why do journalists continue to take them seriously? In dealing with totalitarian regimes, Western journalists know to treat spokesmen with due skepticism. (Think of the Iraqi Minister of Information, whom the media dubbed Comical Ali, announcing from Baghdad that hundreds of American troops were committing suicide at the city’s gates.) So why are corrupt Palestinian groups not held to those same standards? Even more, shouldn’t there be a policy to blacklist those spokesmen who are caught lying?


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