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It’s Time to Set the Red Line

20 Oct

For the past few years I have suffered angst over Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. The danger is clearly grave, and no sanctions or diplomatic isolation seemed to be slowing their quest.

The more I studied the idea of a Red Line, the more I became convinced that it was an effective rational and peaceful deterrent to Iran – to complement the ongoing diplomatic efforts.

Three weeks ago I got the idea of making a short Internet film, explaining the Red Line and empowering people of goodwill around the world to take control of their destiny by demanding that world leaders implement this Red Line.

Though my idea came “late in the game,” I was determined to proceed, and with the encouragement of a few forward-thinking financial backers, I embarked on a nonstop, sleepless, 3-week charge to get this film done and out to the world.

A turning point came when I partnered with the narrator of the film, Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, who is a preeminent voice for freedom-loving Iranians seeking to escape the bondage of a fanatical regime. Her encyclopedic knowledge of the issue from an insider’s perspective, and her eloquence as a spokesperson, gave this project the integrity it needed to succeed.

I hope you enjoy this film and will join us in creating a unique event in human history – harnessing the power of the Internet to produce a truly “global referendum.” The time is now. Because we cannot live with a nuclear Iran.

Visit the websdite to sign the referendum and learn more:


Taking a Break

14 Oct

I won’t be updating this blog for a while, as I am swamped with my new film project – to be released October 18, 2012. Stay tuned. It’s going to be explosive.